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  • Name: 27mm multi black 2-DVD CASE(without tray)

27mm Multi 2-DVD PP Case, plastic DVD case made of Polypropylenesand surface, black,other color, thickness 27mm, Length 191mm, Width 135mm, with sleeve outside of the case,the type:left with booklet clips and single DVD HUB, right with single DVD HUB , for holding 2 DVDs.

DVD Case Specification & Packing Details
DVD Case Size: 191x135x27mm
Material: Polypropylene (PP )
DVD Case Weight: 95-98grams
DVD Logo: without DVD Logo or with DVD Logo
Surface Finish: sand surface
Sleeve Finish: glossy
Packing: 100pcs/carton
Carton size: 68.5x39x28.5CM=0.076CBM
Container Qty(without Pallets): 38400pcs/20' , 81600pcs/40', 91800pcs/40'HQ
Container Qty (with Pallets,pallet size119x137x13cm and 108X137X13CM):37800pcs/20',77000pcs/40', 85800pcs/40'HQ

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