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  • Name: 9mm overlap double blue ray digi tray (clear)

Blue ray double digi tray clear made of  PS material,blue ray digi tray use to stick on the hard paper,it Can single or more pieces of assembling into books type.seems one box after packaged, Very specialso these packaging Selling very well.

Specification & Packing Details
blue ray digi traySize: 171x135x9mm
Material: PS material

Blue ray digi trayWeight: 36-37grams
Surface Finish:glossy surface
Packing: 240pcs/carton
Carton size: 52.5x36x28.5cm =0.054CBM
Container Qty(without Pallets): 134400pcs/20' , 268800pcs/40', 302400pcs/40'HQ
Container Qty (with Pallets,size:110x107x13cm):108480pcs/20',221760pcs/40', 253440pcs/40'HQ

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